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You can arrive at the hostel and then leave backpacking, but our friends of be happy will do everything possible to keep your back covered.
The fact is that they feel at home at the hostel, but they feel at home in the whole island, and they will show you the wildest face of the island. Hiking, rappel or climbing: every week be happy adventures offers daily trips departing from Cagliari and activities of several days for the weekend.

Are you ready to walk along the most beautiful trails of Sardinia?

be happy adventures is an amateur sports club and all suggested activities are reserved for members only and covered by insurance. Becoming a member is simple and easy.

hiking, trekking and excursions in sardinia

"It was worth it". It always comes the moment when someone, breathless, announces the awaited verdict, clear as the landscape before him.
Deep canyons, limestone pavement and sunny crests: the Supramonte is a rocky casket preserving the most beautiful paths of Sardinia: hikers can’t leave the island without having set foot in it.
If you are a good walker and you don’t mind the idea of spending a night under the stars, be happy will bring you to the wildest heart of the island. If you have little time and you want to avoid long treks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover Southern Sardinia hiking trails and the beautiful day trips departing from Cagliari.

Escursioni e Trekking Sardegna
Trekking e calate in corda Sardegna

canyoning, rappel and via ferrata in sardinia

Verticality remains be happy’s first great love. Ropes on their shoulders and sounding carabiners, they are able to walk along trails and emotions reserved for the chosen few.
If you want to flow like water along Supramonte canyons, drop from the top into the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei and take stairways that lead to the sky, your trekking boots won’t be enough: you will need an expert guide, certified equipment and smiling, brave travel mates. Because you’ll need good company to go beyond your limits!
Don’t you have the necessary equipment? No excuses. On request, be happy offers harnesses, lanyards, carabiners and everything you need to go on adventures.

climbing in Sardinia

The scenic granite of Capo Pecora, the great overhangs of Isili, the sea-view limestone of Cala Fighera, the fascinating canyon of Ulassai, the beautiful crags of Cala Gonone, the extraordinary diversity of Domusnovas... We could go on for hours: the are lots of places where to climb in Sardinia, and all are noteworthy.
If you arrive at the hostel with your climbing shoes, you will have up-to-date guides and suggestions from the many climbers hanging around the hostel.
And if you don’t have a means of transport, or if you want to rely on a trustworthy guide, be happy will be glad to bring you in the most beautiful crags of Sardinia.

Climbing Sardegna